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T1. Fresh Rolls   $35

Soft spring rolls filled with vegetables, Thai herbs and noodles served with Thai sweet sour and peanut dipping sauce

T2. Crispy Spring Rolls   $35

Crispy veggie rolls stuffed with wanton wrapper and vegetables, served with sweet and sour sauce

T3. Chicken Satay   $40

Grilled skewered chicken breast marinated in Thai spices, served with peanut sauce and cucumber relish

Yellow Pepper
Mint Leaves


T4. Thai Fried Rice   $70

With egg, peas and carrots, onions, scallion, and tomato


T5. Pad Thai   $70

Stir fried noodles w/egg, carrot, bean sprouts, green onions & ground peanuts

T6. Thai Basil   $70

Sautéed with fresh chili peppers, garlic, bell pepper, baby corn, carrots, onion and fresh basil leaves

T7. Red Curry   $70

With bamboo shoot and bell pepper in Red curry with coconut milk

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